Ultraviolet light systems can help stop the spread of the Coronavirus

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The Coronavirus can be dramatically curtailed by using existing ultraviolet air-cleaning systems already used in some homes. These lighting systems have been used for years. Ultraviolet instantly kills viruses, mold, dust mites and bacteria, same as sunlight does.

These easy, inexpensive systems could be installed in confined air systems to kill viruses, on airplanes, ships, stores, theaters, schools, restaurants, and gathering places with existing air circulation systems and most importantly in YOUR HOME. These ultraviolet systems are not expensive and have little to no maintenance.

The technology is already here and being used. Channeled (duct) air flows over and around a long tube light, looks like an old-fashioned fluorescent bulb, that emits ultraviolet, killing nearly all the pathogens, most bacterial and all viral. It is used in some homes and on the space stations and in spaceships.

Such systems improve overall health in all private homes. This won’t eliminate the Coronavirus, but once such systems are universally used, all of us will be healthier. Pandemics will not be able to spread so fast and capriciously. Dangerous viruses will have a hard time infecting EVERYONE that is confined with that 1 sick person the only exception is that of very close contacts.

We, at Hales Corners Heating take air quality very seriously which is why we are offering you the opportunity to have a UV light system installed by our company immediately.

Please call contact our office for all questions and concerns. We are here to educate and help people stay healthy.

Install yours today!

Thanks, Hales Corners Heating and Air