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6 Simple Ways to Save on Energy This Summer

6 ways to save energy

The summer season brings sunny days and fun outdoor activities. After all the fun in the sun is over, it’s great to relax inside, especially with some quality air conditioning. However, using the air conditioner often increases energy costs. To make sure you’re not wasting energy, here are some simple ways to save energy this summer.

1. Stock Your Freezer Full of Frozen Foods

Freezers require a lot of energy to stay cold enough to freeze things. Every time you open the door, the temperature drops significantly. However, if you keep the freezer fully stocked, those items inside help retain the cold air. That means you are not using as much energy to keep your freezer cold. It’s simple, but effective.

2. Hang Your Clothes on a Line in Summer

Drying machines also use a lot of energy, not just to tumble clothes but also to heat them. Advanced machines even use water to steam clothes and keep them wrinkle-free. People seem to forget one thing. Sunlight is free. A clothesline takes advantage of the free resource of sunlight and uses it to dry your clothes. It’s free and very easy to hang up and use. Try it out!

3. Unplug Things from Outlets

Even if you aren’t using something like a lamp, it still takes uses a certain amount of energy just being plugged in. Unplugging anything that isn’t being used seems small, but add it all up and you save a considerable amount of energy each day. Add that up to the day, week, month, and year and you could be talking hundreds of dollars of energy.

4. Use a Ceiling Fan, and Know How

Most people have fans. Not everyone knows how to use them. People accept the idea that moving air is always cooler than standing air and that hot air rises. However, many folks don’t understand that ceiling fans can be adjusted. In the winter, you should adjust your fan to blow the hot air back down on you. In the summer, adjust it to suck the hot air up to the ceiling, thus keeping the room cooler.

5. Get Some Plants This Summer

Trees planted around your home will grow tall enough to shade it from the sun. In addition, potted plants inside with shield the sun like window blinds. No to mention, plants require the sunlight to live and grow. They will absorb heat and produce oxygen, leaving your home’s air feeling fresh and cool.

6. Use Less Hot Water

Studies show there are many benefits to cold showers, both physically and cognitively. They help your muscles from getting sore and wake you up. Try mixing in some cold showers to save energy used to heat water and enjoy scientific benefits as well. In addition, wash your clothes in cold water more often. Hot water has benefits in washing, but every once in a while, cold water makes no difference in overall cleanliness. It also saves the energy otherwise used to heat the water.

We Understand that Energy Costs Add Up

Here at Hales Corners Heating & AC, we understand the cost of energy. Energy is a huge part of our business. From heating homes in winter to cooling them down in summer, we know the ins and outs of this industry. We are happy to share our tips with you to help you save a bit on energy!

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